OMG!  Obama is from outer space!
Run!  Hide!  Scream!  Fight!  AHHHHHH!

My fellow Americans... Wow!  Okay, thats the first thing I have to say is just WOW!  By now, I'm sure you've all heard the nefarious rumors about Barack Obama that your mom has read about in her forwarded e-mails.  YES, its true that he refuses to salute the flag or sing the national anthem or recite the pledge of allegiance!  YES, its true that he wouldn't wear the pin with the American flag on it!  YES, it is TRUE that his middle name is Hussein!  HUSSEIN!  You just don't get any more terroristy than that, people.  A liberal terrorist.. my God!!  YES, its true that he hates apple pie and baseball!  TRUE, ALL TRUE!  But thats not even the worst of it!  NO!  For today I finally realized whats really going on and its much much worse.. Barack Obama is a freakin' alien!!!!! (!!!!!!!)  *screams*

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves or telling your significant other "Walter/Margaret, that fool's out of his mind! Others may be reading this and nodding their heads thinking how it all makes sense now... how they just knew something strange was going on but couldn't put their finger on quite what it was. Others may be saying they don't even believe in aliens...and let me tell you, those people are just plain stupid! Why several of my friends and family members themselves have been abducted by aliens and from the stories they tell, it wasn't a friendly experience at all! So just what do you think will happen after Obama gets elected and turns our democracy into an alien-ocracy?! Answer me that, Einstein! It won't be good! Not good at all!

So what do we do??  Do you really want us to have 2 non-human presidents in a row?  Do you really want an alien from outer space ruling over us and giving us all anal probes?  I'm not so sure I do!  We've got to fight; we just HAVE to.. and hope that there's still time to stop Barack Obamalien from whatever it is he's planning next.  I'll do what I can to investigate and find more proof but I'm going to need help.. if any of you know something or have information or pictures you can share proving Obama's alienismness, please tell me so I can post it here and help spread the word.  Together we can fight this!